Monday, September 21, 2009

Sightseeing in St Augustine

While on a working trip, I was able to take a break and spend the weekend in St Augustine with friends...if you have never been, you should definitely try to plan seeing the oldest city! The best time to go is during cooler months if you can...if not, pack a hat and plenty of sunscreen! For my photographer friends, take extra SD or CF cards - you will fill them up quickly trying to capture the history and beauty of the city...just try to look past some of the tourists! We stopped for some appetizers at Casa Monica and tried the Cucumber Martini - sounds strange but it was very refreshing. Lightner Museum was the setting for a wedding - I managed to sneak in a portrait of the wedding party...then saw the 'get away' cars...perfect for the groomsmen who looked like gangsters. I missed taking that photo.... :) I did take a photo of a striking stained glass door that was created by one of my friends - in the last photo. What gorgeous work befitting such a beautifully eclectic town!


sealaura said...

my faves:
1. those buildings, they look straight out of Spain yet there seems to be that arab influence too.

2. that drink! I would love it right now after classes. is that bad? it's only monday!

3. those goldfish, so sweet.

Meta said...

Thanks, Laura! Yes, there are so unique sights - I've been many times but each time see something new...
that is a cucumber martini and it was sooo yummy! The koi were in the pond at Lightner Museum - I didn't have much time before the wedding began there - at least caught a couple of pics! :)